Paving the way for success

Since Casey Thomas has became the councilman for district 3 he has hit the ground running. Casey is a
husband, father, leader, and proof of what happens when hardwork meets passion. I had a chance to
interview Councilman Thomas and got to know a little bit about the man that is working hard daily to
build a better Southern Dallas.

Jonathan: So, how does it feel to be the City Councilman for district 3?

Casey: I feel a great sense of responsibility to make sure that the needs and concerns of the residents of
District 3 are met.

Jonathan: Tell us a little bit about your background.Casey: I’m from Dallas, Texas born and raised. I attended DISD schools from elementary to jr. high and graduated from Skyline High School. I went to college at the University of North Texas, and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. I served as Vice President of the Progressive Black Student Organization and was elected to the Student Government Association. While a student at UNT I became a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity, Inc. (Zeta Upsilon chapter). I helped to charter the
National Pan-Hellenic Council on the campus of the University of North Texas and also laid the
groundwork for expanding the Buddy System, a student mentoring program that is designed to increase
retention of students of color by pairing incoming freshmen with upper classmen. Now, in addition to
being a councilman I serve as a deacon at my church and I’m the youngest President of the Dallas branch
of the NAACP in the ninety year history of the organization.

Jonathan: What made you want to run for Councilman?

Casey: I have a passion for the city of Dallas and I have the skill set that allows me to get things done and
collaborate with others to make a difference.

Jonathan: Do you see yourself running for Mayor or any other office in the future?

Casey: I’m focused on doing an effective job for the residents of District 3. As far as the future, I will let
those things play out.

Jonathan: What is your campaign platform?

Casey: Economic development in Southern Dallas. We want to grow southern Dallas by bringing grocery
stores, retail, and small businesses to District 3. It’s the biggest way to make difference. When you
create jobs you transform the standards of living which eventually will create a better quality of life in
the community.

Jonathan: What is your biggest or primary objective as Councilman for District 3?

Casey: To make District 3 a place where people never want to leave and others will be fighting to move

Jonathan: Where do you stand on the tension that is raising between the police and young black African
Americans? How can we change it?

Casey: I think we have to talk to one another. We have to communicate with each other. We have to
teach the officers the history of the neighborhood.

Jonathan: What do you like most about your job so far?

Casey: Having the opportunity everyday to address any concerns that may come the people and try my
best to do something about it. I’m a servant first.

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